Big win for the Reds, yes, but …

… let’s not overlook just how deflating a loss this was for the Cubs.

I’m sure Cubs fans at GABP were full of plenty of “It’s only one game” and “We’re gonna beat your brains in on Saturday and Sunday” but the bottom line is (I don’t care how early in the season it is) this was a pretty devastating loss for the Cubs. Which is pretty outstanding.

Carlos Silva was cruising after he allowed that run in the first. (Silva, by the way, it should be noted, is EXACTLY the type of below-average pitcher who usually makes the Reds look terrible.) The Reds managed just two baserunners in six innings before that 8th inning. They really weren’t showing much life at all, but the Cubs obviously weren’t doing enough to distance themselves. They really could’ve done a lot more damage against Homer.

Cubs left 13 on base. Reds only left 2 on. Cubs had 11 hits; Reds had 5. Homer was the first to admit afterward that he didn’t have good stuff and felt like he “couldn’t buy an out.” You hate to wind up with a loss in a game where the opponent’s starting pitcher is saying stuff like that.

By the way, was anyone else surprised that Lou left Caridad in there after he had walked Gomes and Hernandez and allowed the bunt single to Dickerson?

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    reds win. yay.

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