OMGRant – still bitter about Cantu

Updating an item from 5/4/09 that’s still relevant (updates from original post in bold)

I’m still amazed that Reds fans don’t complain more about the fact that the team COMPLETELY GAVE UP ON Jorge Cantu and let him walk after the 2007 season. Somebody clearly made a great call taking a flyer on this guy after the (then-Devil) Rays gave up hope following a disappointing 2006 season and after he hit .207 in 58 at-bats for them in 2007. But the Reds knew he wasn’t that far removed from .286-28-117, which is what he did at 23 years old in 2005. So they gave up basically nothing for him in July 2007 and he proceeded to hit .298 in 57 at-bats for the Reds. But I don’t understand how you just give up on a guy who has shown huge potential previously and hits .298 for you now that he’s healthy again.

In all honesty (I’m not blowing smoke here) I called P-Doc during Extra Innings right around the end of the 2007 season and said it’d be nice if they gave Cantu a serious look at first base the following year. Nobody was really talking about him much because it was a part-time role he had even after the Reds traded for him. P-Doc pretty much shrugged it off and pointed out that the Reds ought to focus on their rising stars. Now I’m not suggesting that I’d want Cantu as my first baseman over Votto. But this guy plays 3B too, and I don’t think we would’ve needed to give up EE, Roenicke and Stewart for Rolen if we still had Cantu.

Look, all this guy has done since the Reds released him after 2007 is hit .277 with 29 home runs and 95 RBI in 2008, .289 with 100 RBI in 2009 and .303 with 13 RBI in 8 games so far this year.

Cantu homered Wednesday night, making him the first player in major league history to have at least one hit and one RBI in each of his team’s first nine games.

Cantu’s mark dates to 1920, when RBI became an official statistic.

Including last season, Cantu has 13 consecutive games with a hit and an RBI, the longest streak since Mike Piazza went 15 straight from June 14-July 2, 2000.

And every time I watch him face the Reds there’s barely even a mention during the broadcast that we gave up on him.

And in case you were wondering, don’t blame Walt Jocketty. Cantu was released by the Reds Dec. 5, 2007; Jocketty was hired as a Special Adviser to the Reds on Jan. 11, 2008.


  1. DanNo Gravatar

    Cantu has been off-the-chain the past two seasons offensively. Seeing him play third is a little hard on the eyes though.

  2. RobNo Gravatar

    Couldn’t agree more with you Dave. I couldn’t believe they got rid of Cantu either and surprised nothing more is said about it. Even when they’re talking about the record he’s setting right now, theres no mention of it. I’ve watched all four nights and haven’t heard a thing.

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