Nice Stab!

How 'bout this catch?

A smooth operator in Philly

You gotta love it when a fan’s foul ball catch makes the highlight reel the next day. Normally, we wouldn’t bring up this kinda stuff, but a Philidelphia fan’s one-handed snag of a Shane Victorino foul-ball last night stands above the rest because of what he was holding while making the grab.

No, not a tall, cool, refreshing Budweiser.
Not a bratwurst with bathed in catsup.
Not a phatty Philly Cheese Steak sandwich.

The gentlemen had none other than a HELMET SUNDAE clutched in his left hand while he made filthy stab with his right hand. This is a once-in-a-lifetime catch here, folks.

Style points:
+1 No spillage
+2 Having the spoon in his grip
+100 For handing a foul ball and a helmet sundae to your son

Bravo good sir. Bravo.

UPDATE: This is almost too good to be true. The father that made the catch is blogger David S. Cohen, who runs the Phillies blog, The Good Phight. You can read his account of the awesomeness right here. Score one for the blogosphere, indeed. (Tip of the Helmet Sundae cup to Big League Stew for the additional info)

This will show you that most fans in Philly are not complete and utter jackasses.

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