Kruk says hustle like … Adam Dunn?

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to track down any video of it (let us know if you find it) but I’ve read on several message boards about how on Monday’s Baseball Tonight John Kruk really dressed down Alfonso Soriano for his lack of hustle – and specifically mentioned former Red Adam Dunn as an example of a player who runs hard on a hit to the outfield.

Baseball Tonight had a timer set on Soriano going from home to 2nd base and one on Dunn doing the same but faster.

Did anyone see it? It all goes back to Dunn going all out because he’s not a Red anymore, right!

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  1. SarahNo Gravatar

    Ohh no, Dunn is still the same old Dunn. I caught a game at Nat’s park last week and Dunn only broke a sweat trotting from the dugout to first, where he barely moved all game. Except of course when he whiffed at every pitch (going 0-4). I’m sure that video was an optical illusion.

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