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Johnny Cueto in stirrups

Johnny Cueto and his stirrups

The past two MLB seasons has seen a small up-tick in stirrup-clad ballplayers and every couple of days we notice someone new going “Old School” on us and busting out the sanitaries. While our Redlegs may not be trend-setters in the professional baseball fashion scene, we do have a few guys giving stirrups a look. Most recently, Orlando Cabrera and Johnny Cuteo have been seen at GABP wearing socks of yester-year. We’re glad to see it.

Last year, our main cheese slice Joey Votto hooked ’em up, as did Mike “Latest Sensation*” Leake while pitching in the Arizona Fall League Rising Stars Game. We had high hopes that both would continue the look, but alas, we’re back to baseball slacks styled by Disco Stew.

So, where does that leave us? Well, just pining for more.

But also… an idea. Or, at least a suggestion. Here goes:

Cincinnati Redlegs' uniforms during the 1950s

Redlegs' uniforms during the '50s

Like last year, the Reds are once again hosting the annual Civil Rights Game and sporting throw-back uniforms. This year’s style will take a nod from the 1954 Cincinnati Redlegs – commemorating year that Chuck Harmon stepped on to the grass at Crosley Field and became the first African-American to play for the Cincinnati franchise. Last year, the 1964 uniforms were featured and looked pretty good. The look of the Redlegs in the 50’s is classic baseball. Clean white uniform, no piping, with blue (not black!) contrasting that Rosie Red. Of course, this was the heyday of the stirrup. How great would it be to have the ENTIRE Reds roster sporting the stirrups, honoring that great tradition in baseball? Yeah, we know… slim chance.

It’ll be great seeing the Cardinals in their ’54 styles too. Looking forward to the visuals that day.

*That’s not really Mike’s nickname. We just made that up. On the spot. You can use it if you want. If not, no biggie. It’s really not that great of a nickname anyhow. If you do have something better (Godzilla is pretty tight) let us know. We’ll do our best to seed it for ya.

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