The Sky-Rosa

The Sky-Rosa

Cincinnati, upside ya head! (Photo courtesy of Gary Vengeance and Dr. Whiskey)

The SkyRosa

Eat it.

When your favorite team isn’t playing up to snuff on the field, fans will start to get creative in the stands. A couple of fellas, Gary Vengeance and Dr. Whiskey, have vaulted straight to hero status here at the OMGreds offices for creating the “Sky-Rosa“. This beautiful creation was highlighted over at Better Off Red, Featuring Jamie Ramsey. Here are the details:

Yesterday at Great American Ball Park, the dynamic duo of Gary Vengeance and Dr. Whiskey unveiled something they like to call the “Sky-Rosa.”

This heart-attack on a plate consists of a Skyline Cheese Coney being wrapped up in a piece of LaRosa’s pizza. Moments before he was hospitalized, Gary said it was the best thing he’s ever eaten in his life.

I have to admit, I’m going to try it (as soon as I finish writing my will).

Like Jamie, we’re eager to give it a whirl. We might even stuff that bad-boy into a ice cream helmet and have at it.

This Bud’s For You, Gary and Dr. Whiskey!

UPDATE: In case you didn’t really believe someone would actually ingest this beauty, here’s video proof:


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    fk. yes.

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