Suck it, LA

Reds Walk-off win
Hanging on our office refrigerator is a poster with the photo you see posted above. Every time I swing over to the ‘frige to grab a FUNacho, the sight of those two Dodgers non-Reds fans eating crow after a Reds walk-off win brings me great joy. Well played, Reds Creative Services.

Trying to find out what game this may have been… any sleuths out there?

UPDATE: The photo was likely taken on Thursday, July 2, 2009. Rationale can be found here. Our Reds won that game 3-2, beating the Diamondbacks in 10 frames.

UPDATE #2: Reds Creative Services confirms our assumption that the game was in fact the July 2, 2009 game. Nifty photo work, folks!


  1. dgNo Gravatar

    what game is this from?

  2. DanNo Gravatar

    Not sure. It’s not against the Dodgers. In 2009 the Reds were 1-2 against LA and the win was not a walk off. I was thinking the guy in front of the kid with the LA hat might have a Mets or Royals Majestic pullover on – but the Reds did not have a walk-off home win against the Mets and didn’t play the Royals at GABP in 2009.

    Of course, I’m thinking it’s from 2009 since Bruce, Hanigan, Phillips and Votto are all in the photo. Maybe it’s from 2008?

  3. dgNo Gravatar

    yeah, that’s why I was confused… i couldn’t remember a dodgers walk-off in the last two years, with votto, bruce and hanigan around. it’s a day game, so that narrows it down…slightly. columbo, where are you? get on this!

  4. DaveNo Gravatar

    We were 1-4 (ouch) at home against the Dodgers in ’08, and the one win was not of the walk-off variety. Overall we were 1-7 against L.A. that year (ouch again).

  5. DaveNo Gravatar

    I believe the photo is from Thursday, July 2, 2009 – a 3-2 win against Arizona in 10 innings.

    There were four walk-off hits that concluded home day games in 2009 as far as I can tell. One happened against the Tribe on Sunday, May 24 when Alex Gonzalez doubled to center, scoring Janish in the bottom of the 11th. Hanigan, Bruce and Votto all played in that game; Brandon Phillips did not. And there’s no explaining why Bruce, Votto and Phillips would be wearing helmets; no one else was on base.

    On Thursday, July 2 (Business Day Special), Votto singled in Dickerson to beat the Diamondbacks 3-2 in the 10th. In the mob, it looks like Dickerson with his helmet off; perhaps it was removed at some point during the commotion. Hanigan and Bruce also played in this game; Bruce was on base when Votto hit it, and both are wearing helmets in the photo. Phillips is also wearing a helmet, and he followed Votto in the lineup, so he must’ve been on deck. Hanigan isn’t wearing a helmet; Ramon Hernandez replaced him late in the game, so that’s also consistent. And it looks like Bruce and Votto are maybe the last ones arriving, which would also make sense since Votto was coming from the vicinity of first base and Bruce was coming from between first and second. It’s gotta be from this game, right?

    On Thursday, August 20 (Business Day Special), Drew Stubbs’ first career home run beat the Giants 2-1 in the 10th inning. But neither Hanigan nor Bruce (who hadn’t returned from the wrist injury yet) played in the game, and Phillips left the game after one at-bat.

    On Monday, August 31, in the first game of a doubleheader against the Pirates, Darnell McDonald scored in the bottom of the 9th on a wild pitch by Jesse Chavez to win the game 4-3. But Bruce was still injured so this wasn’t it.

    So I’m thinking these guys are just d-bags who wore Dodgers gear to a Reds-D’backs game?

  6. DanNo Gravatar

    Nice work, Dave!

    Yeah, they must be d-bags. LA and their “fans” can still suck it.

  7. dgNo Gravatar

    gonna have to say “good try, but nope” to dave’s detective work. i was actually at the d-backs game, and had a great view of the mob chasing votto out to first base (as he got the GW hit) rather than waiting at home like you do for a walkoff HR. still a mystery!

  8. OMGredsNo Gravatar

    Well, enough dorking around on this, I went straight to the source and asked Reds Creative Services when this photo was taken. It turns out it actually was taken on July 2, 2009 in the win against the D-backs. There’s just some creative photo editing that is throwing us all off. Here’s the info from the Reds:

    “Your assumption of July 2, 2009 was correct. What’s interesting is that we did some Photoshop work on the image to use in some of our collateral pieces. You can see Votto there in the shot, but Votto was actually in the middle of the mob scene because it was his walk-off hit they were celebrating. The shot of Votto you see was from him reaching first base before the mob arrived. We added him to the photo so that he’d be included.”

  9. dgNo Gravatar

    wow! that’s… completely crazy! no wonder votto looks so out of place there. i guess i can see from a marketing perspective why they’d photoshop him back into his own celebration, but still…. a confusing exploration for all of us, haha. thanks for finally ending the misery :p

  10. dgNo Gravatar

    oh, and, just for fun:

    (also, why is a 14-year-old boy calling the game?)

  11. DanNo Gravatar

    @dg – thanks for the link to the video. Always nice to watch a Reds walk-off. And yeah, the broadcaster sounds like he’s working through puberty.

    This other-wise boring post turned in a pretty interesting direction, eh?

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