Take it back to ’47

Cincinnati Redlegs uniforms during the 1940s

Reds uniforms of the early '40s - virtually un-changed (save for the red bill of the hats) compared to the '47 version the Reds will be playing in during the 2010 Civil Rights game.

As they did in 2009, the Reds are hosting the annual Civil Rights Game and sporting throw-back uniforms. This year’s style will take a nod from the 1947 Cincinnati Reds uniforms, while the opposing Cardinals will be donning unis from the same year. The connection with 1947 is significant, being the year that Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color barrier when he debuted with the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947.

Here’s a quick look at each team’s threads courtesy of Dressed to the Nines:

1947 Cincinnati Reds
1947 Cincinnati Reds Uniforms

1947 Cincinnati Reds Uniforms

1947 St. Louis Cardinals
1947 St. Louis Cardinals Uniforms

1947 St. Louis Cardinals Uniforms

Last year, the uniforms from 1964 were featured (in the Civil Rights Game) and looked pretty snazzy. The ’47 uniforms to be featured in this year’s game, while understated in comparison to the ’64 unis, should look fantastic. This uniform design also features a dark blue to contrast with the Red… a feature that would be present in Reds uniforms until 1967, when the Reds boiled their palette down to just red and white.

Reds premium sales manager Ryan Rizzo models the 1947 throwback jersey and cap that the Reds will wear during the 2010 Civil Rights Game.

Reds premium sales manager Ryan Rizzo models the 1947 throwback jersey and cap that the Reds will wear during the 2010 Civil Rights Game. (Photos courtesy of the Reds)

The ’47 Reds uni is a thing of beauty and represents classic baseball design aesthetics. Clean white jersey and pants with no piping or stripes topped with a solid blue hat featuring a red wishbone C. This style also sits in the middle of the hey-day of the all-but-extinct stirrup. It would be a glorious sight to see the entire Reds roster that night honoring that great baseball tradition and rockin’ the stirrups. Glorious indeed, but we’re not holding our breath on that one.

Word is that the Reds will be hawking “Authentic Replicas” of the jerseys this weekend for those interested. Personally, I would love to acquire a true authentic or maybe even a game-used one.

Let’s not forget the Cardinals in this whole thing. While the Reds will be visually understated and classic, the St. Louis baseball club will be wearing one of the greatest baseball stylings in the history of the game. Check out Stan Musial in the Cards’ visitor unis from that era. Stunning.

Mesh Jersey Giveaway

Cincinnati Reds Chuck Harmon mesh jersey giveaway

Chuck Harmon Mesh Jersey

A 1954-style Chuck Harmon mesh jersey will be given away at GABP this night to the first 20,000 fans in attendance. The jersey honors Harmon as the first African-American player to play for the Reds.

Our only aesthetic quibble with the jersey is with the Harmon’s name being included on the back. But, let’s remember that it’s a promotional item, so it’s all good – and a great honor to Mr. Harmon.

All of the OMGreds staff was shut out of last year’s Frank Robinson mesh jersey – even 1 hour 40 minutes before the first pitch! We imagine this year’s giveaway will go just as quickly. Gates at GABP fly open at 5:10pm on Saturday night, so get downtown early to make sure you get one.

Random Wishes
How great would it be if the helmet sundaes at GABP that weekend used a throw-back helmet? Simply awesome? Yeah, we agree. Heck, the UDF Ice Cream stands should just have a throw-back helmet option anyways. Let’s do it!

More on the 2010 Civil Rights Weekend
Check out MLB.com for more about the 2010 Civil Rights Weekend. There are a lot of great things going on in and around Downtown Cincinnati this weekend.


  1. john thomas smithNo Gravatar

    i loved the throw backs from may 15th game. it was classic. do you know where i can find the all black reds cap that was worn on that day…..thanks 1947 ways!!

  2. Dan PhillipsNo Gravatar

    I agree the throwbacks looked fantastic. Rarely is this kind of thing done right and they looked great. They did last year as well when they wore the early 60’s unis. I’ve looked all over but I’d love to get the super dark-blue hat that was worn in the game as well…borderline black. Even the hats they wore last year were great…would love for that to pop up in the team shop or somethin…

  3. DanNo Gravatar

    Yep, the hats and secondary color of the uniforms were definitely dark blue. I stopped by the Reds Team Shop Saturday afternoon and they had both jerseys ($210) and the hats ($45) for sale.

    Click here for photo

    Agreed, I thought they looked great. The St. Louis unis were fantastic too.

  4. Dan PhillipsNo Gravatar

    Dude that is awesome! Thanks for the link!

  5. GordonNo Gravatar

    Is that pic of Paul, Ernie and Bucky supposed the represent the 1947 uniform? More like 1940.

  6. DanNo Gravatar

    Ah, yes… Meant to say “’40s” in the photo caption. Couldn’t find a photo from the ’47 season in color, but the early ’40s design is pretty similar to the ’47 design.

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