FSN. Really? Part II

Another silly question tonight:

The Reds Text Poll in the bottom of the 6th was, “Who did you think would win the Battle of the Sexes?”

Text “1” for Bobby Riggs and “2” for Billie Jean King.

OK, I know it’s the Civil Rights Game and we honored Billie Jean King earlier, but what does this question have to do with a) the Reds b) tonight’s baseball game c) the 21st century. C’mon, you’re going to ask a question about a 1973 exhibition tennis match for the Reds Text Poll. Really? And how many of those who typically answer the Reds Text Poll were around to remember the match? Better yet, how many who DO remember the match do we think are going to participate in a text poll? Are we trying to get more 50-somethings to participate?

Here’s a better question that they never would’ve asked obviously but we will … Do you think the Reds would’ve retaliated for Yadier Molina’s cheap shot into Brandon Phillips on the basepaths in the 8th inning of last night’s game if tonight weren’t the Civil Rights Game? Because I wonder. It was the type of thing that clearly calls for a fastball right between Molina’s shoulder blades tonight, but it seems like the Reds don’t always retaliate with these types of things. I could understand why they actually didn’t because tonight’s game was such a special occasion so it’s hypothetical.

I did like that Jonny Gomes flipped his bat and watched his homer off Wayne Wright for a couple of seconds.

We do, however, have to give Wayne Wright and Brendan Ryan props for rocking the stirrups. THANK YOU. Would’ve been nice to see any Red play along as well.


  1. DanNo Gravatar

    I was kinda thinking the same thing. With all the Civil Rights Weekend stuff to pull from… that’s the question they came up with? Pretty lame.

    A better question would have been “Do you think Ernie Banks is nuts?” Text A for “YES!” or Text B for “YES!”.

  2. GamblerNo Gravatar

    This is a really stupid question! First of all at the time this match went on Billie Jean King was the top female tennis star of the day and Bobby Riggs was about 64 years old! Sure, that’s fair! Yep…she sure proved that women are better! Please!!!!

    The problem with the Reds staff… it’s run by kids who no NOTHING about baseball and could really care less about the game!

  3. GamblerNo Gravatar

    Ooops, sorry KNOW not no.

  4. mikeNo Gravatar

    a little off topic…if you have a dvr (and the video feed is ahead) you should sync the game up with the radio. I almost never listen to Welsh or hear the commercials.

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