Wiffleball ’79

If ya’ll haven’t watched Wiffleball ’79 yet, check it out. These guys went to great lengths to film some Wiff ballin’ that truely looks like it was shot in ’79. Quality stuff.

Sounds like they have some more vids coming up soon. From their YouTube Channel:

I have 4 sketches already shot that are in post right now (including a sequel to Wiffleball ’79) and I’m shooting another one on May 19th, so I should have some more material up for you pretty soon. Thanks for subscribing, some funny stuff coming soon. – TK

Makes you want to roll down to Kroger, pick up a couple of yellow Wiffle Ball bats doesn’t it? Or, at least pick up a Wiffle Ball tie for your monthly “Wacky Tie Day” at the office?

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