9th inning nightmare: By the numbers

1: Number of games Miguel Cairo played at third base during the 2009 season, out of the 9 games in which he played in the field (didn’t just pinch hit) for the Phillies.

1: Run allowed by the Braves’ bullpen after Tommy Hanson exited with two outs in the top of the 2nd inning.

1: Batter that our top relief pitcher, Arthur Rhodes, faced during the bottom of the 9th. Rhodes struck out Jason Heyward.

3: Number of appearances – out of 94 in parts of three seasons as a Red – in which Mike Lincoln had pitched more than 2 innings entering Thursday’s game.

4: Consecutive singles surrendered by Mike Lincoln to begin the bottom of the 9th.

4: Quality starts by Mike Leake this season in which he has not earned a win. This was the third game in which he’s allowed just one earned run and come away with a no-decision.

4: Career Major League home runs by Brooks Conrad entering Thursday’s game.

4: Earned runs allowed by Francisco Cordero in his past 7 appearances.

7: Number of hits plus walks Cordero has allowed in his past 2 2/3 IP.

19: Runners left on base by the Reds.

32: Strikeouts by Conrad in 101 career Major League at-bats.

And here’s a bad take for you from CBSSports.com’s fantasy section …

In Cordero’s defense, he probably wasn’t able to go through his regular routine prior to entering the game. The Reds were up 9-3 going into the bottom of the ninth and Cordero appeared to not be needed. Then, after the Braves scored three runs and loaded the bases he was rushed into the game to try to get the final two outs. On top of all that, the ball that Brooks Conrad hit to left field could have been caught and was helped into the stands when the ball glanced off the glove of the left fielder (although it may have been able to clear the wall otherwise). So, in other words, Fantasy owners shouldn’t get all bent out of shape about this particular blown save.

Couldn’t disagree more. Could have been caught? That would’ve been a pretty outstanding catch. I think it’s very unfair to blame Nix and expect him to catch that. I don’t care if it hit his glove, he was trying to rob a home run, and that’s not easy. Cordero gave up a bomb – plain and simple. And I don’t buy that defense either (and I realize this isn’t Cordero making that excuse, that it’s someone trying to make it for him). Wasn’t able to go through his regular routine? C’mon, he’s a professional, and as a professional you’re ready for anything. And if Cordero’s really not ready when it’s time for him to enter the game, leave Rhodes in there to face Conrad. Heaven forbid Rhodes closes out the game instead.


  1. De_HereNo Gravatar

    still the worst game I’ve ever watched…I never felt comfortable the whole game for some reason…then I found out why

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