Votto & Voting: Serious Bidness

Vote Votto

#VoteVotto Poster by the 'Votto to the All Star Game' Facebook Group

Pujols or no, Reds fans as well as the Reds themselves are throwing down serious efforts towards getting Joey Votto voted on to the 2010 MLB All-Star Roster. Take a look at a couple of the efforts:

“I Voted Votto” Button
We’re rocking the “I Voted Votto” button, and you should too. Run over to Red Hot Momma and grab a button for your blog/website/geosite.

Better Off Red
Reds Assistant Director of Media Relations turn celebrity blogger, Jamie Ramsey, held a “Vote Votto Lunch” Encouraging Reds fans to vote for Joey online while stuffing their faces with Skyline/LaRosa’s/Lean Cusine. We imagine Jamie has a few more thing in store for the Vote Votto Movement. Update post from Jamie.

While not a trending topic just yet, #VoteVotto is the official # of Votto-Lovin’ Tweeps around the world. While you’re at it, follow @VoteVotto for motivation.

Make sure you join the uprising at the “Votto to the All Star Game” Facebook group. Or the “VOTE FOR VOTTO!! MAKE JOEY VOTTO AN ALLSTAR” Facebook group. Or Vote Joey Votto to the All-Star Game, the official Facebook page of @VoteVotto. How many groups are there now?

Hastily-made propaganda posters abound. You gotta love it. (Update: You’ll find a few of them all in one place over at Red Reporter: click ‘er.)

Thyme to bust a Rhyme
Our man JS has posted his ode to Vote Votto over at Reds Rhymes. Check mic, one two. One. Two.

Vote Votto

He came from Canada, not from some grotto.
When they drafted him, the Reds won the lotto.
The applause for his play is like legato.
His hit parade each game is like ostinato.
However you want to vote from the man from Toronto.
You can do it online, but if so do it pronto.
Vote at the ballpark, get there in your auto.
Whatever you do, just please go Vote Votto!

Vote Votto: Do it.


  1. BrookeNo Gravatar

    I voted twice already, and I have every intention of voting more this evening during the game.

    Vote early, vote often! Or that Votto figurine will come and bust your kneecaps.

  2. DanNo Gravatar

    Nice work, Brooke! We’ll be throwing a ton of votes Joey’s way too. No sense in getting our faces kicked in by a figurine!

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