Pay HOMAGE to the Nasty

Nasty Boys T-Shirt by Homage

Nasty Boys T-Shirt by Homage

Designed and printed just up the road in Columbus, HOMAGE has been pumping out some great vintage threads for a while now. Their latest creation gives a nod to Cincinnati’s very own Nasty Boys. Not since the days of the caricature t-shirt have Norm, Rob and Randy been been so wearable. Noteable exception being CNati’s Nasty Boys inspired Helvetica tee. If you like your Reds shirts to veer off the path from those found in the team shop, these are for you.

Can’t say enough about HOMAGE tees – very soft fabric and a great fit. I recently picked up their Cincy tee and I like it a lot. They also threw in a pack of Yo! MTV Raps cards. I pulled a Biz Marke card Tone Loc card. How awesome is that?

Yo! Mtv Raps cards


Check out some of their sweet vintage-inspired sports designs. You can’t get much more fantastic than the Blades of Steel tee.

If you’re itchin’ for some new threads, this weekend is a good time to buy too. HOMAGE is holding a 25% off sale. Just use coupon code “weekend” for the deal.

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