Blame Marty :)

So our offense goes to sleep against a guy who entered Sunday’s game with an 0-7 record and 5.08 ERA. After listening to the first part of the game on the radio, I blame our beloved Hall of Fame broadcaster Marty Brennaman. Somebody must’ve tipped off Felipe Paulino that Marty was disrespecting him by repeatedly calling him Ronny Paulino. To review, Ronny is a catcher for the Marlins (and former Bucco). Felipe is the guy who surrendered just four hits in eight scoreless innings.

And it had to be Berkman, right? Even when the biggest Reds Killer (next to Oswalt and Pujols) is only hitting .234, he has to be the guy to beat us.

One other random thought: Won’t it be a shame if run support is what keeps Mike Leake (assuming the mighty Jason Heyward slows down, of course … settle down, Braves fans) from winning the NLROY? They’ll give it to Heyward anyway if Leake only ends up 7-1 with a 2.45 ERA and 35 quality starts! Can we PLEASE put up 11 or 15 runs for this guy?

Last thing: Seg Dennison is great, but he’s the latest 700 WLW personality who refuses to acknowledge that the Reds have experienced ANY success since 1990. Kept talking about how this Reds team (and the way it has started this season) is responsible for the most excitement the Reds have generated since the 1990 squad. Not quite as egregious as Scott Sloan saying the Reds have been REALLY BAD for 20 years, but … we still won a playoff series against the Dodgers in ’95, didn’t we?

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    My dad bought my brothers and myself tickets to the 95 World Series had the Reds won. We actually took pictures of ourselves holding them before he had to send ’em back. Lets also not forget the ’99 Reds who won 96 games only to loose to the Mets in the one game playoff.

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