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Fifth-Third Buger

Holy Mother!

Usually, it’s the fans that take on ballpark food gluttony-based challenges, but this time Dayton Dragons catcher Mark Fleury embarks on a quest to tackle West Michigan’s latest food concoction: The $20, 4 pound, 5/3 Burger. Dragon Clubhouse Manager Corey Brinn documents the carnage. Don’t worry – Fleury had the day off that day!

More on the Fifth Third Burger:

The Nantucket Baking Company in Grand Rapids starts with one pound of dough and makes an 8-inch sesame seed bun to serve as the base for this burger. The bun is then topped with five, yes five, one-third pound hamburger patties, a cup of chili, five slices of American cheese, a mound of salsa, a few spoons full of nacho cheese and some tortilla chips. The burger is then finished off with lettuce, tomato, and sour cream. Adding your own jalapenos, ketchup or mustard is optional.

Mark Fleury vs. Fifth Third Burger

Good thing our boys up in Dayton are taking their nutrition regiment seriously! Ah, just kidding :)

Other Dragons have taken the challenge in the past and Corey was there to bring the action to us. Re-live the glory of 2009’s Fifth Third Burger Challenge.

For a fun look into the Dragon’s clubhouse, check out


  1. As someone who got to watch Mark Fleury for three years in college, I’m utterly unsurprised to see him doing something this delightfully stupid and/or stupidly delightful. Thanks for sharing this; I miss the hell out of that kid.

    Fleury’s a good catcher and the Reds are lucky to have him, but just so you know, a vague sense of horrified amusement IS the appropriate reaction to his existence.

  2. BrookeNo Gravatar

    Wow, I’m feeling a little sick right now. That’s the nastiest piece of. . .well, let’s call it “food” I’ve ever seen. Any kid who can eat that thing is ready for the majors on some level.

  3. DaveNo Gravatar

    I L’d MAO at the end when his teammate said, “You didn’t finish that shit.”

  4. PhillyCubanNo Gravatar

    That burger sounds amazing

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