Griffey Retires

Ken Griffey Jr. - Retired


Holy cow, The Kid is done. According to, Junior told the Mariners Wednesday night that he was hangin’ ’em up.

“While I feel I am still able to make a contribution on the field and nobody in the Mariners front office has asked me to retire, I told the Mariners when I met with them prior to the 2009 season and was invited back that I will never allow myself to become a distraction,” Griffey said in a statement.

“I feel that without enough occasional starts to be sharper coming off the bench, my continued presence as a player would be an unfair distraction to my teammates and their success as a team is what the ultimate goal should be,” he said.

It will probably take a while to sink in, but I’m sure a lot of us feel that a piece of our childhood is now gone. Personally, I always enjoyed watching Griffey during his time as a Cincinnati Red. I can’t wait to see him deliver his speech in Cooperstown.

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  1. I wrote about getting a Griffey card this morning… exciting times :) Seeing one of my childhood heroes retire makes me feel old.

  2. JTNo Gravatar

    I hate to see him go, but I hope he doesn’t pull a Jordan and come back later this season (or next).

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