Nats: Worst Unis Evar?

Don't let fashion get ya down

Well, maybe not the worst ever, but the Washington Nationals may have the worst-looking uniforms in Major League Baseball today. Why do I say that? A few points:

  • While the curly “W” on the Nationals caps is a great looking mark, absolutely nothing else in their uniform compliments it. I do believe secondary logos can serve a team well, but they are mixing eras and styles with the curly “W” and the very contemporary, not to mention stiff and square interlocking “DC” mark. If the clashing stopped there, it wouldn’t be so bad, but lets keep going.
  • While the block numerals with gold beveling and blue outline have a distinctive look on the back of their uniforms, the lack of its use anywhere else on the jersey makes it appear stranded with no connection to the brand equity. When paired up with the matching “NATIONALS” or, “NATINALS” across the chest, it’s solid… but on the softball jerseys, it’s lacking context and looks out of place.
  • The most awkward part of this uniform is the front number set. The heavy weight of the block numerals paired with the rather delicate curly “W” creates a distracting imbalance. Who really thinks this looks good? The Nationals would be better served leaving the numbers off the front of this jersey since nothing else in their graphic system seems to compliment the curly “W” in any way.
  • Black belts? Really? Why on earth are the Nats keeping their trousers up with black belts? Their secondary color is navy blue. Where does black even enter the equation? Black cleats have a place in nearly any uniform combination, but the Nats’ use of black belts and other black accessories like wristbands makes no visual sense. Are they honoring something or someone with the black gear? If so, just let us know.
  • I’m not a fan of the Nationals’ patriotic alternate “DC” logo either. Even Stephen Colbert would think twice about wearing this over-zealous salute to our country. Well, okay… maybe not.

What started off as a solid uniform set has gone in the toilet over the past few seasons, while hitting a couple of odd bumps in the road. Maybe they just should start over.

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