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Sam LeCure

Three starts, a grand total of six earned runs allowed for our main man Sam LeCure (and did you see his first Major League hit … a fifth-inning double!). It turns our stomachs that he’s only got a 1-2 record to accompany his 3.12 ERA but that’s another story. Homer struggled in his Triple-A start Tuesday night, allowing five runs in 4 1/3 innings. Don’t get us wrong … we’re looking forward to Homer’s return when he’s ready, but we’d love to see Sam get at least another start against the Royals on Sunday. And when Sam throws his first career complete-game shutout, Homer can replace Harang in the rotation.

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  1. BrookeNo Gravatar

    Leave Sam in the rotation, put Homer in the bullpen. Bailey has never been able to establish himself as a quality starter over the last three years, depsite chance after chance after chance, but he could potentially be an interesting answer to the big bullpen question.

    Sam’s doing too good of a job to replace him with Homer “I can’t even pitch as a starter in Triple-A” Bailey.

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