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Here’s a solid notebook item from Tom Groeschen about Votto’s off-night Friday and decision to cut off the throw from Stubbs in the 11th (that allowed the Royals to score the eventual game-winning run).

I agree with Groeschen’s take: Votto probably should’ve let the ball go through (Ramon Hernandez obviously thought so) because it looked like they had him, but it’s tough to be mad at the best hitter on your team. Plus Votto may have gone 0-for-5 and popped out on the first pitch in the bottom of the 11th (also very frustrating) but the Reds also shouldn’t have blown a 6-2 lead in addition to all of the late scoring opportunities they had. It seems pretty silly not bunting – regardless of who’s up – when you have first and second with nobody out in a tie game in extra innings.

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  1. BrookeNo Gravatar

    It’s hard to blame any one person for that loss. I was at the game that night, and Arroyo actually looked pretty damn good except for the 5th inning. And quite frankly, he would have gotten out of that one clean if not for two blown calls by umps that put guys on base who wound up scoring.

    And those 11 men left on base were brutal. Seriously, you have to drive those guys in when the game is tied and you’re in extra innings. Votto couldn’t hit for anything that night, and that play in the top of the 11th was terrible.

    The whole team earned that loss.

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