Another reason to love Welsh

Not afraid to rip players when they deserve it.

Here’s what Welsh had to say when Drew Stubbs inexplicably stopped between second and third with two outs in the 5th and watched a ball hit by Micah Owings drop in front of Manny …

Thom: Having a hard time understanding what Drew Stubbs is doing out there at second base-

Chris: He didn’t know how many outs there were. I mean he stopped halfway between second and third like there was one out. We’ve seen the Reds do this – I know they’re one of the best baserunning teams around – but watch Drew Stubbs right here. He goes halfway and then, “Wait, Manny, are you gonna catch it or not?” Well, Drew, it doesn’t matter because there are two outs.

The No. 1 rule when you’re a baserunner is know how many outs there are.

And moments later Welsh added the following:

You know, we’ve got a lot of baseball to play in this ballgame. I mean you don’t have to pick up all six runs at one time. No one big rally needs to happen. You pick up one here, you pick up a couple more next inning, all of a sudden you’re within a swing of tying it up.

I mean it’s already cost the Rest one run in this ballgame by not knowing how many outs there are as a runner from second. Because there’s no way Manny Ramirez would’ve recovered that one-hopper out to him, picked up a wet baseball and thrown out the Reds fastest runner.

Exactly. Thank you, Chris. For sharing insight you can’t get from a lot of color commentators and not being afraid to let a guy have it on rare occasions where it’s called for.

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