Brutal calls

Hunter Wendelstedt absolutely killed the Reds Wednesday night. Blew the call at the plate in the 5th where Ramon Hernandez was safe (as the replay showed) and then a ridiculous strike-three call on what should have been ball four to Scott Rolen in the 6th (and would’ve loaded the bases with nobody out).

Some fun lip-reading if you watched as Rolen and Dusty got run. Plenty of f-bombs. Rolen repeatedly pointed out that the ball almost bounced and that it almost hit the ground. Dusty did too, and also pointed out, “That was b***s***, that call was f****** b***s*** and you know it!”

The call that got Rolen and Dusty tossed aroused the ire of someone else who added the following to Wendelstedt’s entry on Wikipedia:

On June 16th, 2010, Wendelstedt threw Reds third baseman and manager Dusty Baker out of a game after called Rolen out on a pitch 4 inches off the ground. The pitch was clearly low and the normally low-key Rolen and Baker were clearly upset. This pitch represented on of the top ten worst calls of all time.

Needs some copyediting :) and we’d have to give some thought to the Top 10 worst calls of all time but it WAS a really lousy call.

Also, it’s getting old coming up with silver linings after losses, but kudos to Chris Heisey on his pinch-hit home run in the 9th, the first dinger Hong Chih-Kuo has surrendered this season.

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  1. DanNo Gravatar

    The called strike on Rolen was unreal. Horrible. While I hate losing Rolen for the game due to being tossed, I’m glad he was livid and got in the umps face about it. I think Welsh said on TV that the Reds dugout had been vocal all night about balls and strikes.

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