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After Thursday’s 7-1 win against the Dodgers, Brandon Phillips was asked about coming away with just four wins during a 10-game homestand. He offered the following response:

I feel like the teams that we played we should have took advantage of it, but, you know, I mean, that’s the way baseball goes. We just learn from our mistakes and hopefully we can do better on the road. That’s all it really is. We know the kind of team we are and we know the teams we played. We should have won those games.

A quick check of the standings reveals that the Giants are 37-28 (1/2 game out of first in the NL West) and the Dodgers are 38-28 (tied for first in the division). Both of those records are better than that of the Reds. You could make the argument that the Giants were only 30-25 when they came to town, but they split with us. So it wasn’t beating the Reds that helped them inch closer to first – it was winning five of six after they left.

So we’re left to assume that by “teams that we played” who the Reds should have beaten up on (in more ways than one), BP is talking about the Royals. In which case, we agree, it was definitely not good losing two out of three to Kansas City at home. Good. Glad we’re all in agreement then.

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