Blow it out your Vuvuzela!

Vuvuzela at Oakland A's - Reds game

The Vuvuzela. It's coming...

If you watched the Reds/A’s game for any length of time last night, you likely heard the mighty vuvuzela rearing its noisy head during the broadcast.

Popular at South African soccer, er… football matches, the world is now aware of this horny phenomenon due to the World Cup. We all knew it was a matter of time before they started blarring at baseball games this summer. While Oakland has its share of vuvu-ing fans, the Florida Marlins actually GAVE OUT 15,000 VUVUZELAS as part of a World Cup promotion last Saturday. Nutz! Players, managers and Ewoks were not pleased. By the way, were there actually 15,000 fans at a Marlins game?

Well, OMGReds West Coast Correspondent, Mike, is out in Oakland tracking the Reds and we sent him to investigate the Vuvuzela. In the end, he took caution and only observed from a distance. We guess you don’t mess with the vuvu, eh?

We’d bet anything the Reds will be hearing the drone of the Vuvuzela this weekend. At least one ding-dong is bound to bring one, right? No worries… it won’t be us.

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  1. SteveNo Gravatar

    I bought one of those at Game 5 of the 1972 NLCS. There was a
    Pirate fan sitting in front of me and he would get mad when I blew it.
    When Bench hit the HR in the ninth,he got really upset. I’ve been
    to a lot of big Reds regular and post season games since, but that game was the biggest for me. Still have the horn…maybe I’ll take it to the
    post season this year.

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