Funnel Fry Helmet Sundae

What do you eat after at Sky-Rosa? A Funnel Fry Helmet Sundae. Here’s how you do it:

1) Buy Funnel Fry and place foundation layer inside helmet.

A good bed of Funnel Fries is key

2) Have the very nice girls at the UDF Ice Cream stand outside Section 119 pour a small amount of soft-serve ice cream to help set the foundation.

Set the foundation

3) Layer with another round of Funnel Fries.

Don't eat it yet! It's worth the work.

4) Add more ice cream, and place final layer of Funnel Fries on top.

Keep piling it on.

5) Top with yet another layer of ice cream to cap it off. Finish with a twist. Add appropriate extras. We went with Chocolate drizzle, whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles and two Cherries. We also recommend emptying out the last of the powdered sugar in the bottom of your Funnel Fry cup on the sundae to complete the treat.

It's all in the details.

6) Admire at your designated seat within GABP

Staring is okay. Just don't let it melt too much.

7) Dig in

It's going to be messy


Sop that up with a biscuit!

Speaking of Funnel Fries, make sure you check out photos from the inaugural 700WLW/ESPN1530 Funnel Fry Eating Contest hosted by Mo Egger last night. Looked epic.


  1. DaveNo Gravatar

    That thing looks effin’ phenomenal!

  2. BrookeNo Gravatar

    I feel a little sick just looking at that photo sequence. But in a good, satisfying kind of way, like when you know you’re going to puke, but it tasted so good going down that you don’t care.

  3. DanNo Gravatar

    The Funnel Fry Helmet Sundae tastes good coming up too. That’s the beauty of it.

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