Dear Andy Behrens of Yahoo! Sports:

Thanks for jinxing Arthur Rhodes with your ‘Closing Thoughts’ column from Tuesday.

Also … Some of us have made it clear on previous occasions that we’re Mo Egger fans. I know it’s not possible all of the time because Mo is on the air in the afternoon but I’m sure 700 WLW management would agree he’s got to be the guy you’d ideally want doing Extra Innings pretty much every night. The guy is just solid and knows his stuff. And sure enough, driving home from Tuesday’s game and he’s talking about the topic that I’d say is on the minds of most fans who watched the game. Yes, the Votto home run was a huge thrill and I hated to see it go to waste with a loss, but the absolute head-scratcher is why on earth did Dusty have Mike Leake bat for himself in the 6th just after Hernandez doubled in Cairo and Heisey to make it 6-3 (when Rolen had even come out onto the on-deck circle) only to replace Leake to start the 7th.

Yes, it’s impressive that Leake has 11 hits in his first 29 Major League at-bats. But Rolen has 1,885 hits in his first 6,630 at-bats. And 17 home runs this season. You’re trying to battle your way back into the game. Why is the pitcher hitting? Some might argue that it would be appropriate to use Micah Owings as a pinch-hitter in that situation, but he’s even only 3-for-14 this year. Use Rolen or Stubbs or Nix or even Paul Janish. (Can we try to get him some at-bats please?) But if you intend to yank Leake – who has thrown 92 pitches and allowed 6 earned runs – as you should, get someone up off the bench.


  1. JTNo Gravatar

    Does Dusty ever do anything that makes sense? Why let Leake pitch as long as he did? I love Mike Leake and want to see him succeed, but he should have been pulled from the game MUCH earlier. And I’m a guy who doesn’t believe relief pitchers should even exist!

  2. RobNo Gravatar

    actually read dusty’s reasoning and actually agree with him.

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