Take that, Charlie

For the second time in a week, a National League manager named Manuel was ejected during a game against the Reds. But unlike Charlie, we don’t really have a problem with Jerry … pretty impressive tantrum actually. NO LOVE FOR CHARLIE.

I read John Fay’s notebook item about how Votto said he’s over the snub (which is impressive, because we definitely aren’t. Adrian Gonzalez?! Omar Infante?!?! Come on!!) That he’s over it is the right thing for him to say for sure, but HOW COOL WAS IT that he made a nice little statement by CLUBBING two home runs in the Reds’ 8-6 win against the Mets on Monday. I’d say that’s letting your actions speak. And the fact that the two homers gave him the league lead made it even cooler. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Charlie.

OK, that’s enough. Go do some Vott-ing!!


  1. BrookeNo Gravatar

    I laughed uproariously at Joey’s two dingers. Way to show Charlie what he missed, dude!

    I have recruited my Cubs fan mother, my White Sox fan father, my Brewers fan sisters, and their respective friends, families, and internet buddies and we’re all spending the day voting Votto. Despite everyone’s divided loyalties (I grew up in Illinois. With my parents northside/southside fued my sisters and I decided to go with the Brewers, and I adopted the Reds when I moved to Cincinnati five years ago) we all are in agreement that Votto being excluded is nothing short of a travesty to the game of baseball.

    I probably won’t get any work done at the office today, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make to get Joey to Anaheim. Just don’t tell my boss. ;-)

  2. BrookeNo Gravatar

    Okay, let’s try this again-stupid computer wouldn’t post.

    I’ve got my Cub fan mother, White Sox fan father, and Brewers fan sisters and their respective friends, families, and fellow fanbases spending the day Voting Votto. While we have divided allegiances, we can all agree as fans of the game of baseball that Joey Votto being left off of the All-Star team is a travesty.

    I may not get any actual work done at the office today since I’ll be voting, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. Just don’t tell my boss.

  3. BrookeNo Gravatar

    Argh, sorry for the double post. Stupid office internet connection. I’ll stop posting now and go back to voting.

  4. DanNo Gravatar

    Ha! No problem, Brooke. Just keep the votes going for Joey!

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