Jamie Ramsey and the Funkblaster #VoteVotto Lunch Expo & Sing-Along

Vote Votto Lunch at Great American Ballpark
We were able to skate down to the ol’ Great American and nab some free pizza with Jamie Ramsey and the entire #VoteVotto & Get Fresh Crew. Great times were had by all, especially Mark Mallory. Damn good thing they kept all the baseballs away from “The Big MM“.

The local media was out in force at GABP. So, if you were down there, there’s a chance you might spy yourself in some of the coverage. Oh, and there were some really cute girls there too.

You gotta give it up for J-Ram and Reds – they’re doing all they can to get Reds fans motivated and voting for our man, and future NL MVP, Joey Votto. You know he is a nominee for MLB’s All-Star Game Final Vote thing, right? Okay, right.

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