Any one out there going to the 4192: The Crowning of the Hit King premier at AMC Newport on the Levee tonight? Unfortuntaley, we’re missing it due to our already demanding public appearance schedule. We’ll see it in due time though, and let you know what we think. Oh, just a heads up – tickets are sold out.

4192 had its premier premier last week out in La, and even took home 1st place at the All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival.

On that subject, Cincinnati Pop Artist Andrew VanSickle has released a 4192-inspired art print, “Pete Rose” today alongside to coincide with tonight’s premiere.

Pete Rose 4192 limited edition art print

Pete Rose 4192

From the Facebook invite to watch its live debut on Fox 19 this morning:

Cincinnati Pop Artist Andrew VanSickle and “4192” Movie Director Terry Lukemire discuss the just released “Pete Rose 4192” Limited Edition Print on live Television with Rob Williams.

It’s been 25 years, since Andy Warhol’s portrait of the Hit King…now it’s time for the AVS ART version!

We haven’t seen it in person, so it’s tough to fully judge… but if you’re going to throw a nod to Andy Warhol with this thing, the print could have been a bit more inspired. Just our opinion though.

The prints, limited to 250, are available for purchase online at the 4192 Movie website.


  1. Andrew VanSickleNo Gravatar

    Thank you for the notice and coverage. Pete and I had a long talk last night after the movie.
    Pete really likes the print. He likes that I incorporated his Father and Hutch in the print. The floating heads relate to the end of the movie.
    He liked the depth of the images, like the Crosley Field scoreboard. The circular Riverfront image in the background.

    FYI: Warhol. I managed Paul Warhola and lived with the Warhol family in 1990 in Smock, PA. We did the Absolut Warhola ad in 1991.

    Andy did a great Pete in 1985…I wanted to be a little more in depth..and with seeing the movie storyline develop since last Fall I could create this work.

    The thing is…folks that saw the movie last night and then looked at the print after…..Got it..they got the visual construction of the artwork.

    FYI: The print is $259.50 (includes shipping) and is signed by Pete and I.
    Pete is signing just “Pete Rose”..not adding “Hit King 4192”.


    Thanks for the coverage OMG REDS!

  2. DanNo Gravatar

    Hey Andrew! Thanks for commenting. Looking forward to seeing the print in person sometime.

    All: Watch the interview with Andrew and 4192 producer Terry Luckmire from Fox 19.

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