Votto endears himself to Reds fans yet again

It’s well documented that Marty Brennaman has no love for the Cubbies. But neither, apparently, does No. 19.

Bruce Levine’s Chicago Cubs blog for ESPN Chicago examines Marlon Byrd’s significant role in the National League’s 3-1 win in the All-Star Game – their first since 1996. Included is this gem at the end of the post …

Not every National League All-Star was firmly in Byrd’s corner after the victory. Cincinnati’s Joey Votto had a different take on Byrd’s performance.

“I don’t like the Cubs,” Votto said. “And I’m not going to pat anybody with a Cubs uniform on the back. But because he made that really cool play, it turned out to be a really cool experience. I’m really glad we got the win today.”

With the Reds in first place at the break, the irony would be that Byrd’s at-bat and great throw may help Votto and his team end up with home-field advantage if Cincinnati makes it to the World Series.

It seems like Votto just comes up with new reasons everyday for us to like him. That is such a money quote.

A friend of ours (whose identity we’ll protect) had the following Facebook comment earlier that caught my attention …

did you notice who scored all three runs….. Red, Cardinal, Cub Go NL Central

Couldn’t disagree more (with all due respect). I can’t stand the rest of the NL Central. I dislike the Cardinals, Astros, Brewers, Cubs and Pirates much more than I dislike the Yankees, Braves or any other team. It’s along the same lines as SEC fans who root for other teams in the SEC when they’re not facing them. Never understood that.


  1. DanNo Gravatar

    I really would like to know what context Joey was saying that in. What was the question or topic that promoted that?

    Either way, as a Reds fan – love it.

  2. DanNo Gravatar

    btw, here is a great take on the whole thing from a Chicago writer. via comments over at Redleg Nation

  3. BrookeNo Gravatar

    I haven’t heard the entire story, but something tells me Joey made this comment with tongue firmly implanted in cheek. Leave it to Cubs fans to turn it into some sort of outrage.

    But if he was 100% serious, than I’d like to offer to have his baby for the awesomeness of that slam.

  4. DanNo Gravatar

    Nice! Marlon Byrd defends Joey Votto. Haha. Good stuff.

    “That’s the competitiveness in Joey Votto,” (Marlon) Byrd said. “He’s an MVP candidate right now.

    “He’s going to say what he believes. But at the same time, I don’t think any Cubs are going to be patting a Cincinnati Reds player on the back during the season.”

    Byrd was asked if Votto is a particularly aggressive player.

    “He’s a great guy,” Byrd said. “But when it comes to baseball, he’s like I am on the field, go get ‘em. I can smile at the opposing player, but at the same time, I don’t wish them well when I’m playing against them. I’m going to play against the Phillies. I’m friends with a lot of guys. Jimmy Rollins is my man, but he knows I’ll flip him if I have to.”

    h/t Fay Blog

  5. DanNo Gravatar

    John Fay asked Joey about the quote. Joey said he as joking :)

    Votto on Cubs comment: I was joking. I knew it a Chicago reporter. I was laughing when I said it. I respect a the Cubs players. #reds

    via John Fay Twitter and more on Fay’s blog

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