Hammer time approaches

Cincinnati.Com has video of Hammer’s sound check at GABP … outstanding!

Ready to impress your friends during the game (and celebration of 1990) tonight!

Ask them to guess how many active Major Leaguers were playing in 1990.

The answer: 2. Omar Vizquel and Jamie Moyer. Moyer was actually already in his fifth year in MLB in 1990! Vizquel’s (I almost just referred to him as “Omar” but then I remembered I’m not a Tribe fan) first year was ’89. I would’ve guessed Tim Wakefield, but his rookie year was 1992. BTW, Arthur Rhodes is damn close … he made his big-league debut in ’91. And Junior would’ve counted (debuted in 1989) if he hadn’t called it quits a few weeks ago.


  1. JTNo Gravatar

    I really hope he plays “Yo Sweetness.” One of my favorite Hammer songs.

  2. LisNo Gravatar

    It’s my weakness!

    Damn, I had forgotten about that song. It’s like I’m in 7th grade all over again

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