JD right on the money

Gotta give props to Jim Day for pointing out during “Reds Live” on FSN that Charlie Manuel did (not Jim’s word, ours) us not once (duh, dissing 19) but twice by not getting Arthur Rhodes into the All-Star Game. Jim’s words:

Arthur Rhodes … Alright, I gotta get something off my chest. Alright 40 years old … he waits so long to get to the All-Star Game, he makes it to the All-Star Game and he doesn’t get in the game. Now I’m not sure if Charlie Manuel knew the story of his son who passed away a few years back and every time Arthur Rhodes hits the mound he writes his son’s initials in the dirt. Now how special would it have been had he written those intials on the mound on the All-Star Game. He said he went to the All-Star Game, he did it for his son. He was emotional when he talked about it and doggone it, he didn’t get a chance to pitch. I think the National League [read: Manuel] swung and missed on that.

Thank you, JD. Couldn’t agree more. Another turd move by Manuel. Anyone else kinda hope we meet the Phils in the playoffs so we can boo Charlie and avenge the sweep before the break?

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