At first, the news was a bit of a shock and I thought to myself “Holy crapiod! No opening day on a Monday?” Then… “Oh, we’ll open the season three days later than the rest of baseball??” Then… “Oh, wait, whaaaat?”

Then reason set in.

Imagine. Opening Day on a Friday… Wow. It’s almost too much fun. After months of waiting for our Reds to start it back up again, then the final week of buildup… jet from work/school early on Friday and head down to the ballpark to kick off the season with our boys. It could be epic. Actually, it will be epic. While this does get your average fan excited, Mo Egger has a good point though about um… certain fans:

Though can you imagine how brutal Opening Day Guy is gonna be with no job to go to the next day?

Can’t disagree with that… but whatever, we’ll be there having a great time too.

Now, back to the news from the Major League Baseball perspective. While April weather is going to be hit or miss, even if you move Opening Day a few days back and forth, the same could be said on the other end in October. It’s no guarantee that ending a World Series before November 1st will rule out inclement weather. I found this to be the best part of the USA Today story:

So if we’re playing Game 7 of the World Series on Oct. 28, and it’s snowed out, don’t blame baseball.

However that works out, let’s just hope our Redlegs are playing October baseball for years to come.


  1. mikeNo Gravatar

    I always thought it was a missed Ca$h opportunity to make people wait 7 days for a weekend series.

  2. DanNo Gravatar

    Mike, totally agree. I’d bet anything that those three games will easily out-draw the typical first three games with Opening Day on a Monday.

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