Homer Bailey Bobblehead

Homer Bailey Bobblehead

The fans had the choice, and they made it. Homer Bailey is your 2010 Fans Choice Bobblehead, beating out a smattering of other Reds that had yet to be honored with a ceramic likeness: Orlando Cabrera, Francisco Cordero, Johnny Cuteo, Chris Dickerson, Ramon Hernandez, Arthur Rhodes and Drew Stubbs.

Homer’s Bobblehead will be given to the first 30,000 fans in attendance on Saturday, July 31st. If you haven’t heard already, the start time for that game has been changed to 4:10 PM. So, adjust your plans accordingly.

We’ll admit, we never got our act together to give an official OMGreds endorsment for this year’s Fans Choice Bobblehead, so we really can’t say too much about what the fans decided. Buuuuuuuuuut, we would LOVE to know how close the voting was. Did Homer run away with it? Did Arthur get as much love as folks say he did? Did Drew make a Dent? Did Lando even make a run for it? And by run, we mean the Kessel Run and if he made it under 12 parsecs.

What do ya’ll think?

Also, if you haven’t heard, tickets for the Reds/Braves series this weekend are going pretty quickly. Just standing room only tickets for Saturday’s game were available on Wednesday afternoon. Those will certainly be snatched up before the weekend gets here, so act quickly.

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