Nice try, guy

Anyone else notice that a Braves fan (or at least a dude wearing a Heyward shersy) had Votto’s huge 8th inning homer to tie the game bounce off his hands?


• Apparently with the lack of run support the Reds have given Mike Leake (particularly earlier in the season) we’re not only going to keep him from winning the National League Rookie of the Year award but we’re also going to help Jason Heyward win it. In three games against the Reds, that’s the second time he’s beaten us (you may recall he beat us with a walk-off double May 19 in Atlanta.)

• Was I the only one pulling hair out knowing ahead of time exactly what Jay Bruce was going to do against the lefty reliever in the 8th. Gotta pinch-hit for him there.

• Uh-oh. Is that a closer in a non-save opp? I DO not like the looks of this.

• Anyone else almost shart a little when Brooks Conrad – who memorably victimized Coco Cordero earlier this season – almost did it again? Great catch by Heisey. I know this seems really knee-jerkish and I fully realize that Heisey has had his share of struggles against lefties too but I can’t help but think I’d like to see Heisey in the starting lineup a little more often and Bruce in there a little less often … he just needs more rest than he’s getting.

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