Reds HOF this week

A couple of appearances happin’ this week at the ol’ Reds Hall of Fame & Museum. Check it:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Keith Brown

5:30-6:30PM Keith Brown Autograph Signing: 1990 Reds pitcher will be signing autographs from 5:30-6:30PM in the Hall of Fame. Autographs are FREE with Hall of Fame admission. Please limit one autograph per person.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

4:30-5:30PM Joe Morgan Meet and Greet: Reds Hall of Famer, Joe Morgan will meet with fans from 4:30-5:30PM in the Hall of Fame. NO autographs, pictures welcome.

Friday, August 13, 2010

5:45-6:45PM Joe Morgan Meet and Greet: Reds Hall of Famer, Joe Morgan will meet with fans from 5:45-6:45PM in the Hall of Fame. NO autographs, pictures welcome.

For more upcoming Reds Hall of Fame & Museum events, click here.

I met Keith Brown at after a Yankees/Pirates spring training game in Tampa back in 2009. He’s a super nice guy. Make sure you swing by the Reds HOF if you’re at the game early tonight and chat him up.

Joe Morgan 1972 Topps

Gotta admit, I’m a little bummed that Joe Morgan isn’t signing autographs, though it’s pretty understandable given the frenzy it would generate. See, I’m working on getting the entire Reds 1972 Topps team set signed… and I still need Joe! My time will come… patience, right?


  1. Pat ShierNo Gravatar


    It’s great to read about all that’s happening with the Reds and the Hall of Fame. I’m stuck in the middle of Cubs-Cards land in SE Iowa and really look forward to reading what I can about the Reds. I envy you being able to attend all the games, give-aways & Reds-related activities.

    I was wondering if you could help me with a couple of tasks that I’m working on. First I would like to get a signed copy of the Crosley Field book by Greg Rhodes & John Erardi. I’ve tried contacting both the Reds & the Hall of Fame, but neither have responded. Is Greg Rhodes still connected with the Hall of Fame? I can’t seem to find and email address for him. Anything you could do to help would be appreciated.

    Second task, does Pat Darcy do any signings? I don’t ever see him listed for any. Again the Reds have been no help in how to contact him He is the last living member of the 75 Reds that I don’t have a signed ball for and I would like to complete the set. Again, any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Keep blogging, I’ll keep reading.


  2. OMGredsNo Gravatar

    Pat – thanks for your comment! Can you drop me an email: ballsout at

    Might be able to help you out.

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