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OMGred Rob ready to take a hack

OMGred Rob ready to take a hack

After a day of heat, rain, lightning, several gallons of Gatorade and a tube of sunscreen, we’re slowly recovering from our day at the Reds Summer Wiffle Classic. Finishing with a record of 2-2-1, OMGreds had a showing to at least be mildly proud of. We’ll have more on the whole thang soon.

If you played in the Summer Wiffle Classic, holla at us in the comments and let us know how you did.

Running out of of clever headlines, btw.


  1. wicked hogNo Gravatar

    saw you guys out there yesterday….I rolled my ankle playing softball on Tuesday so we had to change our lineup up a little bit mid-week. Not sure that affected our 0-4 record much though. We got rolled by the #1 seed twice at a total of 32-0. We might have been the only team older than you guys….the Knuckle Balls will return though.

  2. Played in the 2010 Wiffle.. Was my first time and everyone on my teams first time. We had a blast and werent aware of how big this event was going to be.. Awesome time and look forward to playing next year.. Cant wait to see the photos. IT WAS FREAKING HOTTTTTTT!

  3. KNo Gravatar

    Where did you guys find your stirrups? I have been looking for a pair or 10 for a while now.

  4. DennisNo Gravatar

    Sorry, I think I am leaving this comment twice…

    I just stumbled upon this site while looking for images of the wiffle ball field at Reds fest. I’m a lifelong wiffle baller, but this was my first time and my teammates’ first time playing in the tournament. I just wanted to say that my teammates and I were impressed by your jerseys and Rob’s beard (I rocked a similar beard in leiderhosen at an Oktoberfest party last year).

    Look out for the Mosquitos in December!

  5. OMGredsNo Gravatar

    Thanks for the comments everyone! Yeah, we had a blast and the heat totally kicked our butts.

    We’ll have some photos up soon… been a busy week and haven’t had time to get all our stuff together.

    Thanks for all the props on the jerseys! We’re diggin’ ’em, that’s for sure.

    Stirrups – We ordered them thru Koch’s downtown. Those were the 4″ cut. Koch’s also did our jerseys up for us. They really took care of us – they’re the best.

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