Hope you stayed up

There are very few perks to being unemployed, but not worrying about what time I have to wake up Thursday morning is one of them. What if I told you the Reds were losing 7-3 in the 8th inning and they ended up winning 11-7. WITHOUT the National League’s top hitter. Wow. I’m not even sure how you’d pick a star of the game when they got huge contributions from Bruce, Edmonds, BP, Hernandez, Nix, Heisey and Rhodes.

• Are those who weren’t cool with dealing Dickerson for Jim Edmonds a little more OK with it now?

• Glass half full: Time to stop worrying so much about how Jay Bruce (who, by the way, had a very nice bunt single tonight, one of his four hits) and Drew Stubbs can’t bunt worth a darn and appreciate the fact that we have an outfielder/pinch-hitter extraordinaire in Heisey who is not only a threat to hit a pinch-hit homer but can lay down a perfect bunt on a squeeze play the way he did in the 9th. I like Heisey more and more every time I see him play.

• Based on how it looked off the bat and Paul and Chris’ reactions, I thought for sure Janish had hit a grand slam in the 9th. It killed me that it wasn’t but that was still a HUGE sac fly. Another big night for Janish.

• How hot is Laynce Nix? He’s 17 for his last 36 (.472).

• You know who doesn’t get enough credit for his contribution to what the first-place Reds have achieved so far? Other than Arthur Rhodes. It’s Brandon Phillips. The guy is just money late in the game. You know what his batting average is in the 8th inning this season? .404. Yeah, he had a rough July and you’d like to see him walk more than he does … but did you know he’s tied for fifth in the National League in doubles with 31, which is already a career high? He leads the league with 84 runs. Oh, and his fielding percentage is .996.

2-0 so far on the dreaded 9-game trip out west. 3-game lead in the division. You’d better start thinking about the next game you’re going to attend and getting tickets in advance of game day.


  1. ben pierceNo Gravatar

    I already bought my September 11th ticket to see Pete Rose be honored for beating Ty Cobb that day 25 years before. I even shelled out the money to get a diamond seat so that A) I could be close to the action and B) Hopefully meet Pete.

  2. RobNo Gravatar

    Thanks for giving love to Brandon. I don’t know why people are always so down on the guy. He is a Gold Glove 2B, a versatile batter (clean-up, second, lead-off – yes we finally have a decent lead-off hitter). And I have never seen BP be anything but great to the fans. Never.

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