Gettin’ wiffe it

Rob tossin' that nasty junk

Rob tossin' that nasty junk

Better late than never, right?

Can’t tell you how rad of a time OMGreds had at the Reds Summer Wiffle Classic this year. Not only did it get us out as a team for a little competition, but it also gave us an excuse to rock OMGreds custom jerseys, proper stirrups and 1890 facial hair. Maybe next summer we’ll wear matching shorts. Or, is that too matchy-matchy? We can’t have that.

Dan of OMGreds takes a massive hack

Dan of OMGreds takes a massive hack (Photo by Michael Anderson)

The day started off early at Mason Sports Park in… um… Mason. After a bit of “batting practice” all the teams (79!) gathered around for opening announcements and field assignments. After a bit of tournament house keeping, we were off and running in the opening round – a round-robin, consisting of three games. OMGreds when 1-1-1 (a tie, what?), good enough to keep us from not going up against a borderline professional team in the first round of single elimination.

After a lengthy break in the action after the first round, we put on some sunscreen and won our first game, encountered a rain delay, ran up against a lightning delay, took another break then got our second round assignment. We were prompted reduced to nothing more than amateurs and were ousted from the tournament by a much better team.

While we would have loved to have moved on in the tournament, it’s a good thing our day was done. Another round of lightning strikes were hitting in the area and a delay was emminent. Ultimately, no more games would be played that day, as storms rolled in a shut down the Classic.

Paul doing his best Roy Hobbs

Paul doing his best Roy Hobbs (Photo by Michael Anderson)

Tournament organizers decided to host the rest of the Wiffle Classic at Redsfest in December. Instead of the 4 teams that would have been playing under normal circumstances, there will now be 24 teams. It’s going to be crazy. Good luck to all the folks still playing!

We’re totally playing again next year. It was a blast. While the Classic had some growing pains this year with so many teams registering, everything was well run and a lot of fun. A lot of details where done well, even the Wiffle balls had the Classic logo on them.

Given that none of us on the OMGreds team had any organized Wiffleball experience, we were able to pick it up easily and play pretty competitively. We’re out to win next year, watch out.

We posted a few photos of our day. Big thanks to the Reds’ Michael Anderson for pointing the lens our way and getting us some great photos.

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