Chapman vs. Pujols

Tim McCarver made the astute observation that it was “El Hombre … against the only Aroldis in the history of baseball. The only player named Aroldis against El Hombre. What a matchup.” (Wow. Really?)

The result: GIDP.

BTW, Pitch No. 2 of Aroldis’ 4-pitch walk to Jon Jay looked a lot like a strike to me.

Also, McCarver mentioned during the broadcast that he and Joe Buck will be doing the NLCS and the World Series on Fox, if that gives you an extra incentive to try to find tickets.

One other thing: If you weren’t already a Travis Wood believer, hopefully you are now. This guy is for real. I don’t care if it was his first time facing the Cardinals and you think teams are going to figure him out. The kid has poise, gumption and very good stuff.


  1. CollinNo Gravatar

    According to the ESPN Gamecast, only one of Chapman’s four balls to Jay were actually a ball. 2 of the 3 should have been strikes were not even close to balls.

  2. BillNo Gravatar

    I was getting the feeeling that the ump was right there with the batters in having trouble seeing the pitches from Chapman. Right before Pujols hit the DP grounder, he took one that looked to be a strike but was called a ball. He stepped back and said something to the ump and sort of shook his head as in disbelief. I think Pujols couldn’t believe the pitch was called a ball from what he saw of it but then again also couldn’t believe he didn’t see it better.

  3. DanNo Gravatar

    McCarver drives me nuts. That whole run about Chapman being the only “Aroldis” in MLB was just lame. Really? That’s what you came up with, Timbits?

    Actually, sorry about that. I should not associate “Timbits” with Tim McCarver. Timbits are awesome. McCarver is non-awesome.

  4. chuckNo Gravatar

    i think tim still thinks the athletics should have won the 90 series. i personally like the cubs better than tim

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