Text poll we’d love to see but won’t

Do you think Cordero will blow a game during the postseason?

a) Yes

b) At least one, probably two

c) No

d) No, but he’ll come dangerously close

(Note: Not an actual poll, but feel free to leave your answer as a comment.)


  1. ben PierceNo Gravatar

    I feel like the better question would be: How many games like this will it take for a fellow Reds team mate to punch Cordero in the balls?

    In all honesty, they should put an asterisk beside his saves stat to denote how many times he has almost blown a perfectly good lead.

  2. tbriggsNo Gravatar

    Here’s the Cordero stat I want to see for all the games he’s been in:
    Score of Reds’ opponents at bottom of 8th
    Score at Reds’ opponents at middle of 9th

    If the average difference between the two of those is significantly more than 0, then Cordero ain’t doing his job; which is to get outs.

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