Great call, Mo

OMGReds was listening to Mo Egger do his usual outstanding job during his show on 1530 Homer late this afternoon and he was bantering back and forth with Lindsay I think it was (who had just done a sports update) about Jay Bruce coming back tonight. Mo mentioned that Jay was returning because Rockin’ Refuel, the product he endorses, had allowed him to recover from his ailment, and Mo threw out a prediction that Jay was going to have a huge night tonight, said (paraphrasing) he expected Bruce to hit two home runs in his first game back. Very impressive, Mo. And if Mo was watching on FSN Ohio, he knows the line Chris Welsh delivered as Bruce finished rounding the bases probably left Mo screaming at the TV (and made it even sweeter at the same time):

Man oh man, I don’t think ANYBODY, including Jay Bruce, thought in his wildest dreams, that he would come back after missing 12 games and swing the bat the way he has tonight!

No offense, Chris, but Mo did.


  1. OMGredsNo Gravatar

    Such a fun game tonight. Jay was a monster – loved it.


  2. BrookeNo Gravatar

    I was hoping Jay wouldn’t lose TOO much of his momentum-apparently I was worried about a whole lot of nothin’!

    Nice to meet you guys last night! Cool to see the famous LeCure jersey in person.

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