Oh, Sam
If you’re into this kinda thing (and we KNOW you are) there are quite a few of pics of your favorite rookies dressed in drag yesterday for the the last roadie of the year.

Our boy Sam is looking good.

Who’s who:

Yonder Alonso – Baby
Chris Heisey – Sexy school girl?
Mike Leake – Not sure what is going on there
Sam LeCure – Purple dress lady? New Orleans Flapper?
Logan Ondrusek – Sexy school girl
Jordan Smith – Sexy cop
Chris Valakia – Sexy Santa
Travis Wood – Glitterpants Robin

Rob Coughlin – French Maid (sexy?)

Poor Rob – he’s not a even a player – a first year video guy for the Reds. HAHA

Where is Aroldis Chapman? Did his contract get him out of rookie hazing somehow?

Did we miss anyone?


  1. dinner_rollNo Gravatar

    Chris Heisey. He’s cut out of the first pic, in the second one.

  2. DanNo Gravatar

    Added! Thanks!

  3. BrookeNo Gravatar

    Is Mike Leake violating an old lady dressed like a clown? WTF is that?

    I do love rookie hazing.

  4. ritterNo Gravatar

    checked the site just to make sure you posted something about this.

  5. DanNo Gravatar

    @ritter We would hate to disappoint.

  6. JTNo Gravatar

    Beautiful. These pics should come in handy.

    LeCure posted a Twitpic of Aroldis wearing the pink Disney Princesses backpack a couple weeks ago.

  7. DaveONo Gravatar

    Hilarious. Maybe Aroldis drove his Lamborghini down there.
    Where’s Juan Francisco also?

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