Does this exist?

Joey Votto Topps baseball card
I’m a nerd. I collect Joey Votto baseball cards. Why not? While I’m not a super collector by any means (that’s dropping big bucks on cards) I have a fair share and enjoy tracking down something I haven’t seen before.

2009 Topps Joey Votto

Joey Votto 2009 Topps

That said, was this card ever produced by Topps? I’ve seen it on a Topps banner advertising Reds baseball cards at GABP. There are a few other cards pictured on the banner of other players, and those cards do exist. Votto’s 2009 Topps card uses a different photo. See right.

If I were to bet, I’d say no, it doesn’t exist. But, throwing the question out there couldn’t hurt, right?

Oh, while we’re talking about Joey, go vote for him in MLB’s 5 Tool Player of the Year thingy.


  1. ShaneNo Gravatar

    I think this is from the Topps Reds team set packs found at Targets, Walmarts …. I know the Red Sox sets have had a card or two each year that had a different photo than that of the regular base product.

  2. DanNo Gravatar

    @Shane – Ah! That’s a good thought. Might have to pick up a set and see what Joey card lies within.

  3. CobraNo Gravatar

    They used a picture of Votto bunting for the mainstream card? Uffda.

    After reading Shane’s comment, I looked at my team set. It used the picture shown in the banner, but from a wider angle, similar to this, only drawn back a little further:

    I don’t care for it myself. I would have much preferred the card you’re showing. On the plus side, you do get this cool Mister Redlegs card in the set:

  4. DanNo Gravatar

    @Cobra Thank you! I’ll have to see if they have any of these sets at the ballpark still.

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