Say it ain’t true, LaRue

Jason LaRue John Deere Reds hat
Gotta say, pretty bummed to hear that Jason LaRue is hangin’ it up due to Johnny Cueto’s cleat-work. According to C. Trent’s story on, LaRue is still suffering from concussion symptoms resulting from Cueto’s kick to the head during the Cardinals/Reds malay on August 10th.

Whatever side of the fence you’re on in terms of Cueto’s actions, you have to feel for an athlete having to retire due to something pretty silly. We’ve had a good time poking fun at LaRue and his creative hair stylings, but it’s a bummer to see him going out like this.

Also, whoever keeps searching for “Jason LaRue John Deere hat” and getting to OMGreds – this is your lucky day. A photo of the Jason LaRue John Deere Reds hat that was given away by the Reds during the 2006 season.

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  1. GinaNo Gravatar

    Still wearing it proudly. Love me some LaRue.

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