To gear or not to gear

1990 Reds T-shirt

How's this look holdin' up?

Usually, I avoid the comments on any Cincinnati.Com article like the plauge. They’re generally awful. Threads on Reds stories can get pretty nasty too. But, I did enjoy this exchange in yesterday’s story about the logistics of Reds championship gear:

50fan16: As a former (and soon to be return!) resident of a part of the country that has taken home 6 world championships since 2002, a little advice.

Division champ swag is the mark of amateurs … rubes. Practice restraint here.

If the Reds win the WS – then by all means, go nuts and dress yourself head to toe in Reds WS Champ gear…

but division/conference champ gear? … neh. that’s weak.

soohblos: The second we clinch, I’m driving 70 minutes to the team shop at GABP and buying 14 division chams t-shirts so I can wear one every day for the following two weeks. I’m going to get one of those flags for my car and a big banner for the front of my house. The loudest thing I will have will be the huge irremovable smile that will be plastered to my face everywhere I go that screams “2010 NATIONAL LEAGUE CENTRAL DIVISION CHAMPIONS.” I’ve waited my whole life for this; restraint will play no part in my enjoyment of it.

Yah gotta give it up for soohblos’ excitement. We’re right there with him. 50fan16 has a point, though. This where I’m at: In no way would I break the bank on NL Central Champs gear. May snag a hat at the most, and that’s only if I really dig the design. World Series gear is a whole other story. Might have to throw down there.

No matter what though, we’ll try and haul booty down to the Reds team shop at GABP to get you a peak at the gear when the clinch goes down.

What are your thoughts? How are you going to gear up, if at all?


  1. JTNo Gravatar

    Gear is too expensive. I still have to find a black Votto t-shirt for my 7-year old that he’s been wanting for a few months. I know Dick’s has them, but I’m almost never in Florence and when I am I don’t think of it. I’m happy with my Bruce t-shirt.

    PERHAPS when they win the World Series I will grab a t-shirt. But nothing before that. Heck, I’m not even willing to spend money on pre-World Series playoff *tickets*…let alone attire.

  2. SteveNo Gravatar

    Only buy authentic and wait till the season is over to see
    how far they get. The playoffs hat is kind of nice though.
    I bet if you wait until Redsfest, you might get some of these items
    on clearance.

  3. BrookeNo Gravatar

    I will buy the divison champ t-shirt if I like it, and ONLY the official one. But I also agree with soohblos up there. If snobs from other parts of the country won’t celebrate the division title, good for them. We’re gonna party here in Cincinnati.

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