That being said …

… don’t be surprised if the Cardinals – who have nothing to play for at this point – lay down against the Buccos, even at home. It’s got to be in the back of their minds that they could bleep us over and deprive us of our celebration Tuesday with a lackluster effort tonight. And we do have recent history with them, so it’s not like we can expect them to do any favors for us and beat the worst team in baseball (record-wise) at home.

I know there’s some sentiment along the lines of who cares how we clinch, this is for the division and we’re expecting much bigger celebrations down the line, blah blah blah, but be assured that the Reds definitely care. There’s a significant difference between the crowd the Reds would be expecting if the Cardinals win tonight and the attendance they’ll get if the clinch has already happened with a St. Louis loss.

Either way, Tuesday’s TweetUp is going to be a huge deal, point out our friends at Redleg Nation.

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