Corky Powers?

Corky Powers on The Panty Dropper

The Panty Dropper

Listening to FM on my way to the ballpark and I heard WLWT’s Sheree Paolello doing a news update. She read a couple of items about the Reds winning the division title (uh oh, news anchor talking about sports makes me nervous like a closer in a non-save opp) and then mentioned that Jay Bruce’s title-clinching home run ball had been located, retrieved by Reds relief pitcher Corky Miller after it bounced back onto the field.

Wha? Reds relief pitcher? Forget Cordero and Chapman – what about Corky as our closer?! I’m picturing Corky as Kenny Powers from “Eastbound and Down”.

(ed. note: That image is a WORST PHOTOSHOP JOB EVAR)

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