Chili Forever

Chili Forever, Cheesesteaks Never. BEAT PHILLY!
The Reds Hall of Fame and Museum have this little number on sale right now at their gift shop. These Wild Man Walker inspired t-shirts are priced to move at $10 – can’t beat that at all.


  1. BrookeNo Gravatar

    I love the concept, but I cannot STAND Cincinnati chili. Maybe Graeters Forever?

  2. Megan CNo Gravatar

    How can you not like Cinci chili? Goldstar is YUM!

  3. Poster NutbagNo Gravatar

    yes, if you enjoy violent diarrhea after eating skyline chili, then by all means. if you actually enjoy tasty food, this is not the shirt for you.

    nice try, but save your money. 3 games won’t take long.

  4. BrookeNo Gravatar

    Megan C-I’m not a native to Cincinnati. I think it’s a taste that only the locals are born to like. That stuff is nasty.

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