Chuck D is nuts

But you knew this right? Here’s the self-proclaimed #1 Reds fan, king of the GABP Power Stacks, Chuck D, dancing to some Ricky Martin during Saturday’s game.

Video by friend of OMGreds, @Aherr44.

You can follow Chuck D, #1 Reds Fan on Twitter at @ChuckD1redsfan


  1. scottNo Gravatar

    Sad. To devote all that energy to worshipping a sports team. I can see bieng a fan not a devout fool

  2. DanNo Gravatar

    Scott, we all have our passions, and we choose to display them in many different ways. To call Chuck D a fool, is to call all of us at OMGreds fools. We all have a deep love for the Reds and spend probably way too much energy rooting for this team. I can tell you one thing though: we all have fun.

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