Gomes. He’s gone to plaid

Jonny Gomes, rising fashion icon (Photo: Cincinnati Reds)

Jonny Gomes, rising fashion icon (Photo: Cincinnati Reds)

Alright, lets be clear – Jonny Gomes’ getup at Monday’s Reds Rally on Fountain Square was straight money. I’ll admit, at first I was a little “what the hell?” when he walked off the bus. But after stepping back and taking it all in, Jonny’s fashion statement was unabashed confidence – the same confidence this Reds team seems to be taking with them to Philly.

Jonny Gomes Strutin' (Photo: Cincinnati Reds)

Strutin' (Photo: Cincinnati Reds)

Okay, let’s break this down.

While some of his other teammates begrudgingly wore off-the-rack suits from Macy’s, Jonny strutted out a grey and red plaid TAILORED suit complemented with a red-checkered shirt and expertly-matched black and red striped tie. While it’s not something you’d wear out your daily sales calls, it was perfect for the event, and season appropriate. I could give or take the black-out Oakleys (Buddy Holly Ray Bans would have been so money), but they actually bridged the gap between suit and mohawk. Head-to-toe, Jonny pulled it off.

Why all this fuss over Jonny’s suit? Well, it reminded me of photos I’ve seen of the Reds traveling in the ’70s. While most of that decade was dressed audaciously, The Big Red Machine took trends of the day and amped it up, matching their swag both on the field and off. Check out the photo below of Pete Rose walking through the airport with the Big Red Machine.

Pete Rose traveling with the Big Red Machine

Pete sportin' the bow tie while traveling with the Big Red Machine in the '70s. (Photo: Rhodes/Klumpe Reds Hall of Fame Collection)

Folks, we’re seeing Jonny’s personal and professional style unfold before us, all with great ease. He’s gone from a sombrero rockin’, goggles-wearing, mohawk-sportin’ young ballplayer to a goggles-wearing, mohawk-sporting, custom bathrobe struttin’ small-market team fashion icon. It’s no small feat.

While it’s nothing new to Jonny, he’s single-handedly making the mohawk a fashion statement in the Nati alongside creating a gritty-swag all his own. You gotta admit, the whole bathrobe things is a gas. Wonder if Koch’s will make us up an OMGreds bathrobe?

Reds Rally fashion honorable mentions:

Brandon Phillips: BP always looks sharp.

Bronson Arroyo: I could only sum up his look as “Gangsta-Troubadour“. Not really sure what that means, but at least Bronson brought some style. The hat was tight. Tuck in the shirt next time though, holmes ;)

To cap this off… Gomes in his #31 Reds robe:

Jonny Gomes and his rob

Jonny and his magical Reds robe. (Photo: Cincinnati Reds)

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